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Your online Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Coach

For a complete course in the techniques of real Muay Thai, the original Muay Thai training website with online training from a professional coach..

Master the eight weapons of Muay Thai with Learn the authentic martial art of Muay Thai with easy step-by-step video courses conducted by internationally renowned professional trainer of Thai boxing champions Olivier Gauthier. In a series of training videos, Olivier Gauthier introduces you to the real roots of traditional Muay Thai and accompanies you on a complete Thai boxing training program.
Learn the full range of all the Thai boxing techniques for attack and defense with your feet, fists, elbows and knees, plus grappling and throwing moves for spectacular results in the ring. Learn unique, secret techniques to give you the edge for better results. Sign up for a year’s worth of lessons, made available to you each week over 12 months .

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